Active PK Review 2021 – Is It Really A Good Fat Remover?

Each person is different from others and holds differing fitness goals. However, one agenda will be commonly seen in everybody’s list of goals and that is to lose the extra pounds gathered and thereby shed the accumulated fat in the body.

Our efforts to reduce weight begin with hitting the gym constantly and also coupling it with a strict diet to be consumed. But, we might not see the required results even after following all these methods continuously.

Fat accumulated in the body is of different types and abdominal fat is the toughest to reduce.

Many people will lose their interest in pursuing their continual efforts after they fail to achieve their desired results. This will get them demotivated.

We have been introduced to many such products in the market that have been the perfect solution to this common problem. The product’s marketing team makes sure that they produce supplements that will entertain our desires and help us achieve them as well.

This review will focus on one such supplement named Active PK manufactured by LCR Health.

Active PK is a weight loss supplement that targets the abdominal fat of the body specifically and also helps in giving a surge of energy to the user.

This will attract the users hugely as it promises to get rid of the stubborn abdominal fat and also improves energy levels in the body.

This article will also have information on whether these claims made by the manufacturer stand true and if they have made a product that lives up to its words.

In the end, you will get details if your money spent on Active PK is worth it or not.

The composition in this weight loss supplement makes sure that the ingredients added aid in preventing fatigue and also works to reduce the abdominal fat levels in the body.

If you begin the consumption cycle, your body will witness changes as stamina increases. The 3 primary ingredients involved in giving these benefits:

  • Berberine HCL
  • Quercetin Dihydrate
  • Leaf Extracts of Gynostemma Pentalhyllum

Other than these active ingredients there is also rice flour, Hyprmellose and vegetable Steraic acid.

The most common questions put forth by users who want to try Active PK are “Can Active PK burn fat?”, “Is Active PK a safe product to use?”, “Does Active PK help in boosting energy levels in the body?”.

These questions will be answered in the upcoming sections.

About Active PK Manufacturer

LCR Health is the manufacturer of Active PK supplement and Dr. Rand McClain is the creator of this product. He currently heads the operations of Regenerative and Sports Office in Santa Monica City, California, United States of America.

The mission of this product’s firm states “Using the purest and most potent natural compounds on earth to help everyone achieve the freedom of living a longer, healthier and more active life.”

What Is Active PK?

Active PK is made by LCR or Life Cell Research company and Active PK is for Active PK Longevity Activator and its primary function is to act as a dietary supplement.

The major functionalities of Active PK are increasing energy levels, enhancing focus, appetite suppressing and reducing fat levels in the body.

Active PK contains weight loss properties and all these advantages are possible with the help of AMPK activation by this supplement in the body.

AMPK means Activated Protein Kinase and this process mostly becomes the master metabolic switch in our body. AMPK is present in mostly all cells and organs of the human body. They include heart, kidney, muscles, liver and brain too.

AMPK is famous for its contribution to every metabolic activity that takes place inside the body.

Latest research states that AMPK is called the “alarm” or “warning” enzyme and the major functionality is to signal the body when excess fat is beginning to accumulate in the body.

It also works to change the excess fat in the body as usable energy and thus you will notice a good surge of energy in the body. Thus, your strength also improves from before and this due to the best use of extra energy.

You will never experience fatigue and the unnecessary cravings for food vanishes. Hence, your waist fat goes down and a leaner waistline is noticed.

The major ingredients that give way to these are Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Relacore, Noom, AMPK Activator and LA-3.

How Active PK Works?

The working principle behind Active PK is very easy to understand and does not involve any rocket science behind it. This is because it has three major ingredients that are responsible for stimulating AMPK in the body.

AMPK as mentioned is AMP Activated Protein Kinase and is available naturally in the body organs. It is an enzyme and is most commonly present in liver, brain and entire skeletal system.

Berberine and Gynostemma are the active ingredients in Active PK supplement that help in increasing the activation of AMPK in the body and stimulate the release of the same.

As soon as AMPK is stimulated and released, it begins its functionality to signal the body on conversion of fat stored to energy for use. Hence, the amount of fat accumulated in the body goes down.

This gives AMPK another name of “fuel sensing enzyme”.

Along with this, you can notice the energy increase this supplement facilitates due to metabolism of glucose and fatty acids in the body.

A major advantage of this Active PK or AMPK is that it sends the energy from selected organs in the body to others that are in dire need of energy boost.

Exercising is the best example of this mechanism and this is when body needs more energy. The makers of Active PK have mentioned that none of the users will experience any side effects as this supplement is only made up using natural ingredients.

As per these claims, the manufacturers have tagged Active PK as the “metabolic switch master”. This name covers the major functionality that it reroutes the energy needed to the organs that require the most and do not allow the unused energy to sit waste in other organs. Also, it manages to give a boost of energy to the body this way.

More energy makes your body ready to take part in day to day activities with more rigor and stamina. Your fat burning metabolism also enhances and gives way to reducing more calories from the body.

Active PK also acts as an appetite suppressant and diminishes our cravings thereby stopping us from eating unwanted foods that are high in fat content. Thus, you can notice a significant reduction in body fat storage.

To summarize, Active PK will give these benefits:

  • It aids in enhancing your focus and alertness of the brain.
  • Active PK mainly targets reducing abdominal fat.
  • It also behaves as an appetite suppressant.
  • It gives a boost of energy to the body and increases energy levels.

Active PK Ingredients

Active PK has 3 major ingredients and they are:

  • Berbine
  • Gynostemma Pentaphyllum’s leaf extracts
  • Quercetin Dihydrate

The rest of the ingredients include Vegetable Stearic Acid, Rice Flour and Hypromellose.

Let us move into the details of these ingredients:


Berberine is found in numerous plants and is primarily found in Berberis which is a shrub. In more scientific terms, it is an alkaloid and it can be used as a dye due to its natural yellow color.

Berberine finds its place in Chinese medicines and it has been used for long in treating different diseases.

Many types of researches and studies have outlined the various benefits this element has on human body.

Two research studies in particular have given the information for Berberine helping in weight loss process.

Among the two, one aimed at studying the changes this substance had on obese individuals and was done for 12 weeks. Every day each user took at least 500 mg of Berberine and results were noted down. All of them were positive as every single participant lost 5 pounds of their stored body fat. There was a significant decrease in their fat levels by at least 3.6%.

The second study took 37 people on board. This groups comprised of both genders and they were individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome.

This group in particular were told to consume 300 mg Berberine thrice a day for 3 months. Surprisingly, the results were good as their BMI (Body Mass Index) witnessed a significant decrease and to be specific the BMI came down from an average of 31.5 to 27.4 within just 3 months.

A considerable amount of abdominal fat reduced and other streams of body markers showed good improvement while using Berberine.


Quercetin is known to give many benefits to the human body. Reducing blood pressure levels, decreasing inflammation and maintaining blood sugar are few important advantages of this substance.

It aids in enhancing our performance at the time of exercise schedule and protects our body from different allergies, cancer and brain related problems.

Gynostemma Pentaphyllum

Few studies have claimed that Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is a successful ingredient in terms of weight loss.

Is Active PK Effective?

To date there have been no scientific trials conducted on Active PK and the outcomes are all established on the basis of the ingredients in its composition.

The important ingredients in this supplement work best as an AMPK activator mostly.

Backed by several studies, these AMPK activators work to reduce belly fat and at the same time enhance endurance in our body. This supplement also makes sure the AMPK levels in the body are maintained safe as they are only produced naturally.

How To Use Active PK?

Each bottle of Active PK has 60 capsules and this is recommended to be completed within a month.

Beginners who have decided to try out Active PK should take 2 capsules per day and each capsule should be consumed each time with a glass of water.

People can take these tablets before food or take them with your food as well.

This is mentioned because each individual varies from the other and what suits one might not suit the other. Thus, you can choose for yourself the time of consumption that you are comfortable with.

Does Active PK Have Any Side Effects?

LCR company is the manufacturer of Active PK and they have maintained that the users will not face any side effects as only natural ingredients have been used in the making of this supplement.

It mainly will not create any jitters or cause problems in your sleeping pattern as there is no caffeine in the formula of Active PK.

You will not suffer from any allergies of any kind as Active PK does not have any special ingredient like dairy or artificial additions of any sort.

It is also advisable to talk to your physician before deciding to go ahead with consumption of Active PK.

Pregnant women and individuals suffering from underlying serious health conditions should avoid Active PK and talk to their doctor before starting the consumption.


Is Active PK an efficient and genuine product and does it help in decreasing belly fat?

I can give a thumbs up to this question as the ingredients in this product displays these properties and hence you can notice good weight loss.

The composition of this supplement is good and the individual ingredients have shown to give excellent results as per medical and scientific claims.

I am recommending this product since I have tried this supplement for my weight loss and it did help me to a good extent.

However, for better results I will still go for PhenQ than Active PK.

There are many customer feedbacks for Active PK that make it a good supplement as well.

Alternatives To Active PK

  • PhenQ – Enhances Energy levels and mood.
  • PhenGold – Improves metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant


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