Alpha Lean 7 Review – 6 Month Shocking Result Revealed

I am writing this Alpha Lean 7 review to highlight my thoughts during the bulking phase.

My gym instructor mentioned that I had to shed some weight that I had gained over time.

This was the moment of reckoning for me and I began researching weight loss supplements in the market with full interest. When I had a discussion with my trainer for the same, he recommended Alpha Lean 7 for good results.

As the advice was from a trusted source, I looked no further and gave my order for 6 months subscription immediately.

The reason for getting 6 months at the beginning itself was that I am always perfect and constant in my consumption cycle with regards to supplements.

As per the pack’s instruction, I began the dosage right from the next day.

Before going into my experience, let us move into the basic details about Alpha Lean 7.

What Is Alpha Lean 7?

Alpha Lean 7 is a product from Hard Rock is a fat loss initiator and works to reduce weight naturally. Since there are only natural ingredients in the composition, you get double benefits by losing fat and as well as increase in energy.

This product is not beginners but designed specifically for advanced and experienced consumers. It is a non-DMAA supplement that works by producing excessive heat inside the body. This mechanism is called thermogenic process.

Alpha Lean 7 behaves as an appetite suppressant as well and improves metabolic rate in the body.

The other advantage of using Alpha Lean 7 is that your concentration power enhances. With the help of this supplement, your goal of achieving a dream body is well within reach.

It is also regarded as a fitness supplement and recommended by many experts for the same.

How Alpha Lean 7 works?

If you are aware of the factors by which a person gains weight then understanding the working functionality of Alpha Lean 7 is a no-brainer. Having said that, medical education is not required to know about this supplement.

The makers have added ingredients that work well to reduce the extra cravings that lead to calorie intake.

Another factor that causes weight gain is the slow rate of metabolism in the body. Thus, the manufacturers have made sure that Alpha Lean 7 behaves in way to correct both these causes of weight gain.

Various ingredients help in improving the metabolism and ingredients like Eria Jarensis give more energy to the body.

Combining these both aspects, your fitness and energy levels remain high throughout the day. Let us now go into the ingredients that make up Alpha Lean 7.

Ingredients Of Alpha Lean 7

The makers have stuck to using only natural ingredients in this supplement’s formula and this helps the users remain free from any side effects. The list of ingredients is given below:

  • Eria Jarensis Extract

The other name for Eria Jarensis extract is N-Phenethyl Dimethylamine. This acts as an initiator to give out dopamine and noradrenaline to the body.

This ingredient in particular is the contributor to happy feelings and lifts our energy levels. If all these are achieved, your attention span, concentration, focus improves due to the hormones.

  • Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is a popular ingredient that is prominent in most fat burners in the market. It plays an important role to produce a process named lipolysis which causes breakdown of fat. Thus, body fat accumulated in your body is brought down.

It also behaves as an appetite suppressant and does not allow our cravings to get out of hand. Caffeine is an awesome stimulator and helps in stimulating the organs in the body thereby keeping us alert and focused all the time.

  • Dandelion Powder

Dandelion powder is known for its excellent nutrition giving vitamins like A, B, C, E, K and folates. Along with this, there are several minerals to fulfill the needs of metabolism.

Dandelion is an amazing fat burner as it creates carbohydrate metabolism and does not allow the storage of fat in the body.

Dandelion powder is a Diuretic and cuts the water retention capacity.

  • Dimethylethanolamine

Dimethylethanolamine or DMAE is an ingredient for enhancing mood, focus and memory.

It has great positive effects on athleticism and is thus recommended from fitness perspective.

  • Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine or trimethylglycine is a prominent amino acid. It widely present in beet, spinach and quinol. It works best to disintegrate the fatty acids present in the body and also stops this fat storage in the liver.

Betaine helps in growth of muscle mass.

  • Green Tea Extract

Green tea extracts are the concentrated form but possess the similar qualities of green tea. They are in the form of pills and have benefits that a cup of green tea would give.

Green tea extract has caffeine in it and has catechin properties. When catechin and caffeine work together, the fat burning process is better. They also initiate the thermogenic process in the body to burn excess fat. Catechin also helps in the oxidation of fat.

  • Cissus Quadrangularis

Cissus Quadrangularis is a plant based ingredient. It comes from a grape family and is also called veldt grape. This ingredient contains good amount of vitamin C and antioxidants.

It works to improve metabolism in the body and also takes care of the muscles in case there is a calorie deficit.

  • L-Carnitine

L-Carnitine has a major function to convert the fatty acids and transport them to the cells in the body. This makes sure the energy changed are used and thus reduction in weight occurs. This substance is also responsible for improving metabolism.

  • Alpha Yohimbine

Alpha Yohimbine finds its place in many diet pills as it is derived from an African tree’s bark. Its main benefits include losing weight and helping in maintaining the body shape.

Yohimbine stops the alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in the fat cells accumulated in the body and thus you can notice significant weight loss. Blood flow in the body is also regulated with help of this element.

My Consumption Story : Alpha Lean 7

Before I began consuming Alpha Lean 7, I was in my bulking phase for a year completely.

This made my trainer recommend a fat burning supplement for losing the fat stored in my body. Hence, I went forward to try it out with lot of hope.

However, this was my very first time that I was trying out a fat burning suppelment.

I was a regular gym goer and thus a small push from the supplement was all I needed to kick start my weight reduction process.

The first week after my consumption cycle began, I did not notice any difference. Thus, I kept consuming the regular dosage.

I looked if I had shed few pounds at the end of first month but I was pretty disappointed with no changes.

As I noticed none of the changes I was heartbroken but I did continue taking Alpha Lean 7. 3 months elapsed and there was absolutely no difference in the weight levels.

I decided to terminate my dosage immediately. This decision came in the wake of me losing much gained muscle fat that I had been building for over a year.

Personally speaking, I did not get any benefit as advertised from Alpha Lean 7 usage.

Benefits Of Alpha Lean 7

The benefits mentioned below come from the research conducted on Alpha Lean 7.

However, during my consumption cycle, I never experienced any of the said advantages.

  • Helps To Cut Body Fat

The basic principle behind reducing weight is to remove the fat stored in the body. This fat breakdown process is called lipolysis. Alpha Lean 7 is considered best to perform this task. The main ingredients that work in this favor are caffeine, green tea extract, I-carnitine, alpha yohimbine and rest help in removing the accumulated fat in the body.

  • Helps To Shrink Your Cravings

If you reduce your calorie intake, the weight gain is automatically reduced. The calorie removed from the body  should be more than our calorie intake. Alpha Lean 7 helps best to burn calories with just one pill. Caffeine anhydrous plays a key role in acting as an appetite suppressant. Thus, the amount of calories also is reduced.

  • Helps To Boost Your Energy Level

A dietary supplement’s major task is to provide energy for the consumer. The ingredients added in Alpha Lean 7’s composition are responsible for giving energy boost and they are sufficient in doing so. Eria Jarensis extract dandelion powder is the main elements that are present in the ingredients list to give a surge of energy to the user.

  • Help In Improving Body Metabolism

Metabolism is the mechanism of changing the food we consume into fuel for activities rather than keeping it stored as fat. If the metabolic rate is better, your muscles growth will also be better. The weight supplement you take should enhance your metabolism. Alpha Lean 7 has enough ingredients like Dandelion powder, Cissus Quandrangularis and L-carnitine to boost the metabolism in the body.

  • Helps In Removing Water Weight

Water weight corresponds to the water accumulated in the body. The stored water content usually comes out of the human body in the form of sweat and this is a good method to shed excess weight. Alpha Lean 7 helps in removing water stored in the body with help of thermogenic mechanism. This process proceeds to create excessive heat inside the body and thus leads to sweating. Green Tea Extract is the best substance to help in this regard.

  • Helps Increasing Concentration, Focus And Also Provides A Positive Mood

Caffeine is an important ingredient in Alpha Lean 7 and it is well known for improving concentration abilities. Thus, with help of this supplement you can witness better concentration and focus in your daily activities. Apart from Caffeine, you can find many other ingredients that give out the same effects. Your positive thinking also improves and this is considered good for consumers.

Dosage Schedule Alpha Lean 7

This was my first time consuming any weight loss supplement.

I desperately needed this supplement to work for me since I had to shed those extra pounds from my body.

The manufacturers had given a dosage schedule and I stuck to it completely within skipping a step.

I consumed two capsules in a day. One in the morning and the next after a gap of 8 hours.

Side Effects Alpha Lean 7

I did not experience any side effects from Alpha Lean 7.

I had bought 6 months worth of dosage and consumed it totally.

However, I did not receive any benefit or positive results from it. Also, there were no side effects.

The only point that I wanted to mention was that I began losing my hard earned muscle mass after the start of 6th month. I am not confident whether it was because of Alpha Lean 7 or due to some other reason.

My subscription ended and I stopped consuming this weight loss supplement.

My Take On Alpha Lean 7

From my side, I will not consume Alpha Lean 7 ever again.

My time, efforts and money completely went down the drain with Alpha Lean 7.

After I completed my subscription, I decided to try out PhenQ and I got excellent results from it.

My experience and results have been outlined in detail in this PhenQ review.

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