Cardarine Review 2021 – Is GW501516 Worth For Strenth Gain ?

If you are a bodybuilding veteran, chances are that you have heard about Cardarine and its insane effects on the body that boost energy, build muscle mass, and burn stored fats quickly.

There is still some confusion about what Cardarine actually is. Is Cardarine a type of SARMs? Does it have any dangerous side effects? Is it really beneficial?

In this article, you will find the answers to these and many other such questions about Cardarine.

A word of caution: Cardarine is not FDA approved. Being a professional bodybuilder for the better part of my adult life, my body is conditioned to handle and benefit from substances such as Cardarine. But if you are new to this, I would recommend starting with health supplements such as legal steroids that have no harmful side effects in the long run. One such supplement which is safe, legal, and effective is TestoMax.

While Cardarine delivers quick results in the form of massive muscle gains and boost to stamina, it is infamous for its rather dangerous side effects and is not approved by the FDA or any other organization. TestoMax on the other hand, is completely safe and legal. It delivers slow and steady results in the form of lean muscle gains, a natural boost to energy and an improvement in overall health and well-being.

With that out of the way, let’s dig a little deeper into Cardarine:

What is Cardarine?

Also known as GW501516 and Endurobol, Cardarine was developed by GlaxoSmithKline in collaboration with Ligand Pharmaceuticals in the 90s. It was initially developed as a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR) for the treatment of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.

There is a common misconception that Cardarine is a kind of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARMs). SARMs are known to replicate the role of testosterone in muscle building, burning fats and improving athletic performance. However, Cardarine is not a type of SARMs that regulates the androgen receptors in bones and muscles.

Its positive effects on muscle growth, fat burn and stamina were compared to that of SARMs and anabolic steroids and its fame rose. It quickly gained immense popularity among bodybuilders and athletes around the world.

It was favored by many people for its ability to improve physical performance by providing a boost to the metabolism, burning stored fats, and building and maintenance of lean muscle mass.

Benefits of Cardarine:

When consumed in recommended doses, Cardarine can deliver the following benefits:

1. Boosts energy:

With regular consumption of Cardarine the user can experience a significant increase in energy levels. Cardarine also provides a boost to the stamina because of which the user can perform better at the gym. Intense workouts and heavy lifting become relatively easier.

2. Converts stored fats to energy:

Cardarine contributes towards the conversion of excess fats stored in the body into usable energy. It is supremely beneficial in the cutting cycles as it aides fat loss.

3. Improves heart health:

With the loss of excess fats from the body, the heart becomes healthier and the risk of cardiovascular disorders are reduced significantly. Apart from the heart, it also has a positive effect on the functioning of kidneys and liver.

4. Retains lean muscle:

Most other supplements that aid weight loss also tend to cause muscle loss. However, Cardarine does not do that. Instead, it helps in building and maintaining lean muscle mass, helping the user in achieving a more muscular and sculpted physique.

5. Does not cause hormonal imbalances:

Unlike SARMs that imitate testosterone, Cardarine does not negatively impact the secretion of hormones in the body, thereby reducing the chances of any long-term hormonal imbalances.

6. Improves blood circulation:

Cardarine improves the circulation of blood, helping oxygen and nutrients to reach all the organs of the body. This improves the cardiovascular system, nervous system, and cognitive functionalities of the brain.

7. Reduces recovery time:

Its antioxidant properties help accelerate the cell regeneration and repair, cutting recovery time into half, meaning shorter gaps between two workouts.

Why Cardarine?

Cardarine leads to the activation of PPAR-Delta, a kind of nuclear receptor. Nuclear receptors are groups of protein present in human cells which regulate the proper functioning of various genes in the body.

These nuclear receptors are responsible for the growth and development of the body, control the level of water, salts and sugar in the body and regulate the body temperature. They are also responsible for the metabolic activities of the body and help the body effectively convert food into energy.

Cardarine boosts metabolism, which is vital for effective synthesis of proteins, burning of stored fats and release the metabolic waste.

Effects of consumption of Cardarine:

Upon consumption, Cardarine binds itself to the PPAR-Delta. This in turn activates Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma Coactivator 1-Alpha (PGC 1-Alpha) which plays an important role in controlling the energy metabolizing genes. In simpler terms, it increases proteins in the body.

PPAR-Delta also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent DNA damage and improve the wound healing capacity of the body.

Consumption of Cardarine has the following effects on the body:

1. Enhanced Endurance:

If you maintain a regular workout routine and combine it with a healthy diet, Cardarine will enhance your body’s overall endurance.

2. Improved Stamina:

Regular usage of Cardarine will improve your stamina. You will be able to work out for longer durations and reap the most benefits from your intense workout sessions.

3. Quick Weight Loss:

Within a few weeks of beginning the consumption of Cardarine you will experience amazing weight loss. It will burn the excess fat stored in your body and help you achieve your target weight quickly.

How to use Cardarine? (Dosage Information)

It is of utmost importance to consume only recommended dosages of Cardarine in order to safeguard yourself from potentially harmful side effects that can cause permanent damage to your body.

Depending upon your exposure to substances like Cardarine, the recommended dosage ranges between 10 mg to 20 mg per day. If you are new to this, I highly recommend that you start with just 10 mg per day and slowly work your way up to 20 mg per day.

It is also advisable to equally divide the dosage and consume it twice a day since the half-life of Cardarine is between 16 to 24 hours. The consumption cycles can be anywhere between 10-12 weeks and the great thing about Cardarine is that no Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is required after the consumption cycles.

Stacking information:

It is safe to stack Cardarine with testosterone boosters and legal steroids such as Winsol. However, I would suggest stacking only if you are a seasoned bodybuilder and not a novice. As an added precaution, if you are new to the bodybuilding world, it is advisable to complete one cycle with Cardarine alone, take proper PCT and then follow it up with another cycle of Cardarine stacked with another booster.

Side Effects:

One major way in which Cardarine works so efficiently is that it promotes the conversion of fat into energy instead of the conversion of glucose by the liver. This can lead to your liver being overworked and getting damaged permanently in the process.

Another devastating effect that it can have on the human body is that it can lead to rapid development of cancer cells in the body. Pregnant women must refrain from using Cardarine as it can harm the unborn baby.

However, all these side effects are caused only with excessive consumption. Hence, if you stick to the recommended dosage and not increase it for quicker results on your own accord, you can avoid all the side effects of Cardarine.

My experience with Cardarine:

In my personal experience, Cardarine is an amazing substance that has benefitted my body immensely. I have been using Cardarine for quite some time now and I have to say that I have never felt any of the side effects.

I am extremely careful with my dosage and I never exceed the recommended range of consumption. I have seen many positive results on my body with the help of Cardarine. I was able to achieve massive muscle gains in shorter durations of time. I was also able to shed all the extra fat in my body because of which my overall health improved drastically. My days were more energetic, and my stamina increased considerably. I was able to perform better at the gym.

Cardarine For Sale:

It is very important to order your Cardarine from the official vendor’s website.

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