KY Duration Spray Review: Does this spray work?

Today I will be able to be sharing my personal experience after using KY Duration Spray for 4 weeks Hence I will be able to share each and each piece of data during this review. You’ll be ready to understand the entire picture and make the choice for yourself whether you’d wish to consume it or not. Now let me start with a number of the fundamentals about KY Duration Spray.

If you’re trying to find an authentic male enhancement method then undergo this KY Duration Spray review completely.

What is KY Duration Spray?

KY Duration is one of the soles of a couple of delay sprays manufactured under a longtime brand. The manufacturers are touting it to be one among the foremost remarkable products that employment wonders on men suffering from ejaculation, thereby improving their sexual performance and wellness.

This enhancer increases the time until ejaculation that helps men to possess more control while engaging in sexual intercourse with their partner. Unlike the opposite pills, this enhancer may be a convenient and hygienic spray that does not cause a multitude like other delay sprays, gels, or creams.

K-Y Duration Spray could also be a product straight out of a trusted brand that has established itself successfully within the marketplace for nearly 100 years now. The manufacturers claim this product to be 100 pieces safe to use.

The combination of ingredients utilized within the making of this product leads to an outcome of a sprig that has been deemed safe by the FDA specifically for delaying ejaculation

Ingredients in KY Duration Spray

The primary ingredient present during this enhancer is Lidocaine. This ingredient is shipped throughout the market in large doses for various medical treatments.

The tropical use of this ingredient is usually for oral treatment. The utilization of Lidocaine varies greatly for its most commonly won’t desensitize or numb the planet of nerves and skin.

The application of Lidocaine would make your skin feel as if it isn’t a neighborhood of your body. As you’d not feel any sensation, you’d end up staying longer while engaging in sexual activity alongside your partner.

As K-Y Duration Spray happens to be an over-the-counter product, it isn’t required to undergo any safety test. However, time and again, the company has confirmed its passing as safe by the FDA.

There are many safety instructions that you simply are required to follow while using the spray:

  • It’s suggested to consult your doctor before using K-Y Duration Spray, especially if you have a history of liver or kidney problems.
  • Don’t use this product without consulting your doctor if your partner is pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • Don’t use this product if you’re allergic to either ingredient.
  • Don’t inhale the merchandise.
  • The spray isn’t to be used on inflamed or broken skin.
  • Don’t use quite 20 sprays of this product in 24 hours.
  • Consult your doctor if you are taking prescribed drugs alongside this product.
  • The spray isn’t to be used with a condom.
  • Discontinue the use of K-Y Duration Spray if you’re suffering from rashes, burning, or itching after its use.

My Experience of Using K-Y Duration Spray

Personally speaking, my penis is pretty sensitive. It’s been the same way since goodbye. This is often the rationale; I’m unable to last long with no support. My network includes male enhancement pills, penis pumps, and penis extenders. One of my friends told me about the spray that was known for its capabilities helping men to last longer.

He never used the same, but he knew that I even am using multiple things so on form my sexual health better. As a result, he requested me to undertake this and let him realize the same. Hence, he ordered the spray on behalf of me which I’m using for the last month. I still remember the primary time once I used it on my penis.

It went numb also the spray was very sticky. My girl hated the smell. I literally couldn’t feel anything. I requested my girl in-tuned with the smell and thus the stickiness as I want to be testing the merchandise. Whenever my penis became numb, there was no feeling. Also, whenever I won’t cum there was no feeling hence the enjoyment went missing.

As a result, the enjoyment went out of the sexual act on my behalf of me. On the other hand, once I asked my girl, she hated the smell and thus the stickiness of the spray. Hence, she didn’t love it in the least.

How To Use KY Duration Spray?

The instructions for using the merchandise are mentioned in its packaging. Here is how you’ll use K-Y Duration Spray: the merchandise is to be applied 5 to fifteen minutes before engaging in sexual intercourse. You’re required to hold the bottle 2 -3 inches distant from your penis.

Apply three or more sprays of the merchandise after shaking it well. You want to not exceed ten sprays while using the merchandise. It’s to be sprayed to the tip and shaft of your penis before intercourse or as directed by your physician.

Rub the merchandise as required then wipe off the whole surplus product employing a soft or damp cloth. You would like to wash the merchandise off after intercourse.

Pros of Using K-Y Duration Spray

The makers of the merchandise claim it to be providing the next advantages after using the product:

  • K-Y Duration Spray could even be a strong and fast-acting spray that starts showing its effects in 5-15 minutes after its application.
  • The merchandise is simple to use and comes with a measured spray pump.
  • The merchandise doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

Cons of Using K-Y Duration Spray

Several users have reported various side effects after its use and application. This product has the quality faint smell of lidocaine. An excessive amount of usage of this spray could lead to erection problems. Some users of K-Y Spray have also reported suffering from rashes and bruises on their penile skin after using the merchandise.

Other side-effects of the utilization of K-Y Spray may include the following:

  • rash and itching
  • Hives
  • Breathing issues
  • Drowsiness and dizziness
  • Slow or fast heartbeat
  • Restlessness, anxiety, seizures, tremors, etc.

The regular use of this aerosol also ends in excessive desensitization. Such desensitization not only dulls your pressure but could also cause the loss of erection.

K-Y Duration Alternatives

Although the manufacturers cannot stop about the effectiveness of this product, K-Y Duration Spray isn’t entirely efficient. the main ingredient during this product is Lidocaine. No long-term safety studies are established on the use of this product as of now.

The spray might provide you with a delaying effect initially after its use; however, you’d possibly also suffer from serious rashes in your shaft area. Too many rashes on the skin might involve attention from your doctor. This product may be a temporary solution for the treatment of ejaculation.

Just because the brand has marketed this product well and used an enormous budget within the method does not imply that it promises the quality so expected. You’ll find other treatments and products within the market that are safer in terms of application than the utilization of K-Y Duration spray.

Hence, l would still stick with my go-to solution of Male Extra.

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