LGD 4033 Review – Read This Before You Buy Ligandrol

Ligandrol LGD 4033 is an exceptional SARM and this review will focus on its details and analysis.

If you are a bodybuilder and are on the lookout for a substance to help you achieve the extra mile, then go through the article fully to get better information.

This review will have the tiniest detail that will prove useful in uplifting your bodybuilding career graph.

By the end, you will have resources and information to make a decision.

Let us talk about the basics of Ligandrol LGD 4033.

What is LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)?

Ligandrol is one among the SARMs or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator and is termed LGD 4033. This substance is a non-steroidal type and is safe for consumption orally. They can be taken in the form of pills or tablets.

The other name for Ligandrol is Anabolicum or VK5211 and is manufactured by Ligand Pharmaceuticals. This company is based out of San Diego, California and is a pharma firm. Viking therapeutics have been researching with Ligandrol as it is known to be a cure for few deadly diseases like breast and prostate cancer.

Ligandrol is also a testosterone booster and is one of the popular choices for the same in the market now. It belongs to the SARMs category and Ligandrol is very effective. This substance is preferred mostly by bodybuilders as it is a perfect supplement in the bulking and cutting phase. It is mainly used in the bulking phase for its effectiveness.

Ligandrol is a powerful SARM and even when in small-scale doses, you can witness visible changes.

Bodybuilders love Ligandrol because it acts just like a steroid. However, it never gives out any side effects that can harm your body. Compared to many steroids, the cost of Ligandrol is cheap. It is easy to consume as it is in form of pills or tablets.

Steroids on the other hand are taken in the form of injections and the dosage has to be decided by the individual every single time.

This is a major reason that bodybuilders prefer Ligandrol as your skin need not be pierced and left off with needle marks. Consuming Ligandrol is easy for them as it is available orally and displays great results.

Traditional steroids might be harmful to your liver. Ligandrol does not cause any liver damage and boosts the testosterone levels in the body at the same time. The potency and effect of any SARM steroid are studied with help of anabolic/androgenic ratio.

The ratio of anabolic/androgenic in Ligandrol is 10:1 and this gives the information about its strength. For our body, we can find the ratio of testosterone is 1:1. Thus, Ligandrol is effective up to 10 times more than testosterone in the body.

How Ligandrol (LGD 4033) Works?

Ligandrol follows the common working of a SARM substance. It ties up with androgen receptors in the body and improves the anabolic tasks that result in muscle and bone growth in your body.

The main function of Ligandrol is to develop lean muscle mass and also focus on giving strength to the bones in the body. They tend to be stronger than ever.

What To Expect From LGD 4033 (Ligandrol)?

    1. Increase in amount of Lean Muscle Mass in the user’s body

Improving the lean muscle mass is a chief benefit from Ligandrol and none of the bodybuilders using it will go against this statement. It works by improving muscle growth in the body and at the same time does not allow fat to accumulate. As per many studies, if you take just 1mg of Ligandrol for 21 days continuously you can witness your muscle mass gain by 2.5 lbs at least. Higher gains are possible but be cautious on the amount of dosage.

      2. Enhanced strength and improved stamina

With help of Ligandrol, your strength and stamina will increase considerably and this can be seen when you can lift heavier weights during your gym routine. The cardio and intense workout sessions that were difficult before will become easy and the duration of the exercise schedule will also improve.

      3. Promotes Fat Loss

A perfect body without excess fat is everybody’s dream. If you think the same, then Ligandrol will help you with this. To achieve your dream body, you can couple Ligandrol with strict diet and regular exercise schedule. It is a good catabolic agent that does not reduce your muscle mass when you are in the cutting phase. This is the same when you maintain a calorie deficient diet. This substance further increases metabolism and takes care of muscle and bone growth.

      4. Targets bone and muscle tissues

Many steroids in the market will harm your prostate and other vital organs in the body. However, Ligandrol does not produce any of these negative side effects. As Ligandrol is a SARM, it works with particular muscle and bone tissues in the body. It also helps them grow better and stronger.

      5. Promotes Mental Health

It is given that for a task to be completed well, body gives out 10% of physical strength and 90% mental strength. If your mental health is taken care of then you can perform well in all activities including workouts. Many individuals who are Ligandrol users have confirmed that they have been in high spirits throughout the day after they began consuming this substance. As per their workout schedules, they have been able to perform better to capitalize on the gains.

                6. Does not let your muscle get wasted

Muscle wasting is a common issue in bodybuilding. The bulking and cutting cycle especially is prone to this problem more and cancer patients suffer from this specifically. Ligandrol is an option in these cases and it helps to retain the muscle mass even in the cutting phase or if you are sticking to a no-calorie diet.

      7. Could benefit patients suffering from hip fracture

As people grow old, they become susceptible to lean muscle mass and excessive fat stored in the body. In case of fracture, lean muscle mass slows down the recovery process and prolongs it. Ligandrol is perfect to avoid such situations as it increases lean muscle mass thereby giving way to faster recovery.

Is PCT Required Post LGD 4033 Cycle?

Ligandrol is a mild substance but the dosage given for individuals is pretty high as it is in concentrated form. Thus, a PCT will not be mandatory.

However, from my personal experience, I always take a PCT after my consumption cycle of substances is over.

With this, I am making sure that the hormonal levels in my body return to normalcy and my body begins to secrete the required hormones naturally.

Hence, I always prefer PCT after each cycle.

Ligaandrol (LG 4033) Dosage Requirements

There is no fixed amount of Ligandrol dosage that one individual should consume as per scientific studies. This is because it changes between individuals and their past history of taking these substances.

Ligandrol is a concentrated SARM and is vigorous. This means that even small doses will impact your body heavily and therefore you should take only limited amounts. It is also not advisable to consume Ligandrol many times a day.

If you take Ligandrol in excessive dosage amounts, you might not see any faster or better effects but it will cause damage to your body.

Expected Results

According to many users of Ligandrol. they had mentioned their lean muscle mass went up by 2 lbs. Many others declared that their muscle mass gained at least 10 lbs.

This might have been possible with higher dosage only. I would never recommend this for people who are looking to use this as a long time supplement.

It is mandatory to have a normal dosage otherwise you will be exposed to serious side effects in the long run.

If you want to see positive results quickly, always choose a proper diet plan and exercise schedule to go with Ligandrol.

Protein levels in the body are required to be optimal for Ligandrol to work fine. If not, LGD 4033 will not be effective.

Ligandrol usage might lead to weight gain in the body and that is due to the carbs and water retention.

Thus, after your consumption cycle ends, you might lose the gained weight as the body starts releasing glycogen.

As we do not recommend long time usage of Ligandrol, you can consider TestoGen as an alternative. This supplement works with same process as Ligandrol but gives out more controllable effects.

Also, TestoGen is recommended for long term use as well. I personally prefer TestoGen for this very reason.

Personally speaking, I have witnessed better results with TestoGen than with Ligandrol. I used both spray variant and tablet at the same time.

I used to regulate the dosage levels and get maximum gains. You will not be harmed in any way when using TestoGen for long.

Therefore, if I were to give my opinion, I would always choose TestoGen over Ligandrol.

This is due to the no side effects policy from TestoGen.

Side Effects

Ligandrol is safe in contrast to many other steroids as none of the side effects witnessed are that serious while consumption by the consumers. Side effects will vary between users and the most common ones noticed are

      1. Headache
      2. Nausea
      3. Fatigue
      4. Muscle Pumps

Young people under the age of 19 should not take Ligandrol as testosterone production in people this age are produced at correct levels. There is no further external need of increasing the hormone production. If taken, then some serious side effects might be noticed and further damage the normal production cycle.

Ligandrol (LGD 4033) For Sale

SARMs are available from many manufacturers and the benefits we achieve decides on the vendor we choose to buy from.

This is since there are many junk products under the same name in the market from various vendors. Those products might even have synthetic elements added to their composition.

Thus, it is always better to contact your friends and gym mates before choosing the right manufacturer.

It is also better to continue buying from the same vendor once it is decided as with other products, the results might be delayed.

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