RAD 140 (Testolone) Review – Is It Really Good For You?

This review is on RAD 140 (Testolone) and I will divulge compelling details and facts about this newest SARM.

Along with this, I am going to outline my consumption experience and the changes I felt while I was keen on my bodybuilding career. The other substances I used for better muscle growth are also covered in this review.

Thus, all the details and tips mentioned are genuine and my real-life experience with regards to this SARM that is RAD 140 (Testolone) will give further authenticity to this writeup.

Hence, it is better if you stay with me throughout this RAD 140 (Testolone) review. This one is suitable if you are looking to build lean muscle mass with help of substances.

Now, let us move into the primary stuff that will clear the air about RAD 140 (Testolone).

What is RAD 140 – Testolone?

RAD 140 is a famous substance that is commonly found in muscle growth tales.

It is one of the most sought-after SARM when people are in the bulking phase. Fast results are one of the highlight benefits of using RAD 140 – Testolone.

Many bodybuilders are turning towards this SARM substance and its popularity is growing at a steady pace.

In terms of scientific research, many scientists and researchers are conducting various tests with this SARM to find out if it will cure breast cancer and also help in muscle-wasting issues.

Thus from scientific viewpoint, it is concluded that people are looking at it for its good effects on muscle building function.

Due to this, RAD 140 has become famous among fitness freaks.

Let’s see the working principle of RAD 140 (Testolone).

How RAD140 Works?

The working principle of RAD 140 is similar to other SARMs.

There are no special methods by which RAD 140 works inside your body.

In specific words, RAD 140 works the similar way testosterone operates in your body. Hence, the levels of protein synthesis increase.

Thus, you can also see a good increase in your stamina levels, strength, energy and lean muscle mass growth.

A major difference between RAD 140 and other SARMs is the time it takes to show results.

RAD 140 is faster than other SARMs and the results are way better compared to others. This is applicable for the bulking cycle specifically.

But, FDA has given a warning against using SARMs in bodybuilding supplements. This is to keep us from creating any health-related risks.

Consequently, following a strict diet and exercise regime is the safest way to achieve results. In case you are an experienced or a gym lover it is best to use only legal steroids.

Expectations From RAD 140

RAD 140 gives many advantages if the dosage is taken care of. Also, along with proper exercise, benefits are huge.

      • Boost in Testosterone levels

This substance is primarily capable of increasing testosterone levels in the body. Once this happens, your energy levels also improve well. Due to this, you can exercise for further duration in a day and the lean muscle mass growth also quickens.

      • No steroidal effects

RAD 140 does not come under the category of steroids. However, it is always best to take this substance with controlled levels of dosage daily as this will help you in reaching your results and take your bodybuilding career to the next level.

      • Increase in lean muscle mass

This point is the unique selling feature when it comes to RAD 140. It can be an excellent substance to get your muscle mass growth going. This works with the functionality of your muscle growth being proportionate to testosterone levels in the body. Thus, more lean muscle growth with increased extent of testosterone.

      • Quick Results

As the consumption of RAD 140 yields faster results when compared to many, this is preferred as the best enhancer among majority of bodybuilders. Most of them are astonished at the pace at which the muscle growth is seen.

      • Enhancement in energy and stamina levels

This again is dependent on your testosterone levels and as it goes up, the energy and stamina levels also improve. With this, your workout sessions can be enhanced by lifting more weights thus giving way to more muscle mass growth.

My Consumption Story of RAD 140

I love having a bulky physique.

To achieve this, I always take substances that will supplement and help me gain more muscle mass.

I heard about this SARM in the market to create more lean muscle mass and immediately I had set my eyes on it for consumption.

I started researching about this enhancer and understood that it worked like most of the other SARMs but the point differing was that the results would be visible sooner.

On reading this, I was excited and wanted to go for it. I gave an order for at least 6 months and got it delivered to my doorstep faster than I expected.

The first 2 weeks were like before and did not notice anything new. I do not have anything constructive to say about those couple of weeks.

I started noticing differences only when the 3rd week began. The first change I noticed was that I could do my gym workouts with more ease.

I pushed myself to lift more weights and increased the reps per cycle. Post completion of my exercise schedule, I had stamina and energy left in me and did not feel fatigued.

As these results were from the 3rd week itself, I was excited with its usage. I ended up spending more time at the gym and felt refreshed about it.

The outcomes went on for long and never deteriorated. After completion of 10 weeks consumption cycle, the results were astonishing.

I began to cherish the decision to use this SARM and my belief to make a bodybuilding dream career began turning into a reality.

However, as I had given my experience clearly, I would also like to state that none of the SARMs in the market are FDA approved. Thus, it is advisable to consult a dietician or physician before deciding to start one as your enhancer.

RAD 140 Dosage Schedule

I tested the dosage levels of RAD 140 carefully and took it as an experiment only.

Also, I follow the dosage instructions to the point most of the time.

However, I do not go overboard and I remain cautious regarding the consumption dosage. I never take more just for sake of achieving better results.

With the dosage I followed, I saw amazing outcomes and never increased my dosage at any point. I stuck to consuming just 1 dose in a day.

My one dose had 15 – 20mg of RAD 140 per day.

PCT Schedule With RAD140

I made sure to have a PCT plan along with the consumption cycle of RAD 140.

I took a vow to take RAD 140 for only 10 weeks before I gave a break and got into my PCT cycle.

Thus, after 10 weeks elapsed, I went for a PCT plan to get my body back to producing the required hormones naturally.

For longer effects, it is always best to have a PCT cycle in between your SARMs. A flawless PCT schedule poses the differentiation we receive between good and amazing results.

After the PCT cycle, I did not resume the RAD 140 consumption as I didn’t want to risk any damage to my internal organs and general health.

Boxes To Be Checked While Consuming RAD 140

The steps I followed correctly while consuming RAD 140 are:

      • Proper Diet

Diet control was on my list and it was a mandatory one while taking RAD 140 to achieve its correct benefits. I contacted my dietician to lay out a strict plan that will help me gain energy as well as help the consumption of RAD 140.

      • Regular Exercise

Another point I was strict about the exercise regimen I stuck to. I never went even one day without exercise. My regular workouts helped me get what I wanted and all the outcomes were long-standing.

      • Enough Sleep

Sleep cycle is often not considered important by many. From my side, I always maintained that I acquired at least 8 hours of sleep per day. With this, my body felt rejuvenated after intense workouts and kept the energy levels intact.


Consuming SARMs is harmful to your health. Many government agencies are against the use of SARMs as body enhancers.

To iterate this, a sports supplement firm has been penalized for unlawful distribution of illegal substances and SARMs are one among them.

Many warning letters have been put out by FDA to a sports nutrition based company as they were using this SARM. They were advised to stop using them.

thus, from all this it is clear that RAD 140 or any SARMs can cause side effects or damage to your body and you will be taking a risk if you choose to consume this. Hence, I will never advise anybody on the usage of SARMs for any purpose.

SARMs Alternatives

SARMs work the same way in which testosterone functions in the body. Therefore, I consistently stick to best alternatives to SARMs or any of the T-boosters in the market.

The alternatives I like to use are TestoPrime and TestoGen. I am a systematic user of these both natural testosterone supplements.

I have never been let down during their usage. The best point to use this further is that I have never experienced any kind of side effects.

On the other hand, SARMs cause damages to organs and overall health and are considered dangerous. Few cases of permanent damage to internal organs have also been recorded.

Due to this reason, I have always distanced myself from use of SARMs and never recommended this for anybody’s personal use as well.

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