Zantrex Review – Is It a Really Good Weight Loss Pill?

This review on Zantrex weight loss pill will focus on my experience after my consumption cycle.

All the needed details while taking Zantrex is recorded in this writeup.

You should read the review till the end as you will get all required knowledge about Zantrex to make appropriate decisions.

I have put together a list that gives out some of the amazing fat burners that play a key role in reducing your fat levels. Make sure to check if Zantrex is one among them.

Let us get going with the fundamental details about Zantrex.

What is Zantrex?


Zantrex is an over-the-counter weight loss supplement and it accelerates weight loss by increasing energy levels. With this pill, you can lose weight faster than expected.

The composition contains many stimulants and herbs. There is a relief as this fat burner is free from the banned substance called ephedrine.

Weight loss with just diet and exercise is difficult. Zantrex is a supplement that works in combination with exercise and food intake to give results sooner.

As soon as you start taking Zantrex, do not quit on exercises or healthy diet. Only when all three are put together, you will see outcomes faster than expected.

If you do follow the mentioned plan, you are bound to see the positives within just a few weeks.

Zollar Laboratories are the creators of Zantrex and have been in the market for purchase right from 2002.

The company producing this pill is in the market with all mandatory permits and licenses. Also, the formula with which Zantrex is prepared is in use for more than 10 years.

The quality of the formula is never compromised and with all top-notch ingredients, reactions are excellent and positive.

With many active substances in its mix, Zantrex is touted to be successful in achieving weight loss. Due to the ingredients, energy levels surge and help in burning fat.

Zantrex is made with many rich elements and this sure aids in healing your muscles after workouts and keeps you going even for the next day.

All the substances added are the best in burning fat quicker and they work in cohesion for getting desired results.

How Zantrex Works?

All the natural ingredients are responsible for Zantrex being so successful. The makers have researched well to decide on the ingredients used in making this effective weight loss pill.

After that, they have taken great pains in concluding the composition with regards to Zantrex making.

The major USP of this product is the rise in metabolic rate noticed. This removes the reserved fat in our body effectively.

Zantrex also makes sure that you get all the nutrients needed from the food taken and from the supplement itself.

It never allows for excess energy storage in form of fats. Zantrex helps in creating a thermogenic reaction by which fat levels reduce quicker.

There are caffeine related ingredients in Zantrex that add great value to the weight loss supplement.

With all this, you will notice good reduction in fat accumulated.

Let us go into the ingredients list of Zantrex.

Ingredients In Zantrex

  • Citrus Fruit Extract

This element is active in fat burning process. As per the food chemistry research, Citrus fruit extract has Flavonoids that act as polyphenolic compounds and stays free from many damaging radicals. Along with this, fat loss speeds up and gives more benefits to the user.

  • Guarana Fruit Extract

Guarana Fruit Extract contains caffeine and is an active ingredient in speeding up the process of burning fat and thereby weight loss in the body. It gives much more stimulation than caffeine and accounts as one of the vital components in Zantrex. This extract behaves as a stimulant and regular consumption of Zantrex is recommended for its properties to act accordingly. It also gives way to more attention, focus and increased metabolism.

  • Coffee Beans Extract

Coffee beans utilized in the Zantrex supplement are non-roasted. You will notice a reduction in weight as your body will limit the absorption of fat from carbohydrates.

  • Fennel Seed Powder

Fennel is an all-time natural ingredient used in making many traditional medicines. Also, it is rich in minerals and vitamins qualifying it for overall use. Various researches have given the connection between fennel and antioxidants. Fennel is abundant with many required minerals and vitamins. Our bodies require these daily as we tend to get stressed physically and mentally. Hence, Fennel seed powder is an important addition to Zantrex and helps rejuvenate our bodies after daily activities.

  • Kola Seed Extract

Kola is a plant from the cocoa family and is mostly present in the Central American, South American and African regions. This seed contains caffeine and is another reason for bringing down your hunger levels but boosting energy at the same time.

Kola plants have been in use for medicinal purposes as they give a surge of energy.

  • Kelp Powder

Kelp is found in oceans and is a seaweed. It is mainly found in colder ocean beds.  Kelp has many rich minerals and is termed as one of the best sources of iodine. This is added in Zantrex to give us good energy throughout the day. It is used especially to gives us the extra push required during exercise sessions.

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic Acid is commonly used to go against radical damage. It is rich in antioxidants and found widely in Brussels sprouts, spinach, tomatoes, peas, broccoli and brewer’s yeast. This is present in Zantrex and is preferred mostly as it is a naturally occurring compound. It further gives a helping hand in maintaining overall health.

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract

Unfermented Green tea leaf extract is used in Zantrex. It is a source of catechins like EGCG and polyphenols generally termed antioxidants. Green tea also has caffeine and in huge amounts. It works with the Guarana extract mentioned and acts as a stimulant. This is one of the best ingredients found in major fat burners in the market.

My Take On Zantrex

I like trying out different supplements and noticing the differences that happen inside my body.

Consuming Zantrex is one such example and I began this supplement while I was in the 8-month bulking cycle.

I wanted to lose the extra fat that was added to my body and also reduce the fat levels in various parts. I decided to try out Zantrex to understand its benefits.

Whenever I tried out any supplement, I always order in bulk for at least 6 months. This was the similar case with Zantrex and I got it delivered to my place. I immediately started taking it the next day.

The first 2 weeks gave no changes in my body and it was normal as the days before consumption.

Without losing hope, I went on to eat Zantrex daily. After around 1.5 months, I climbed the scale to see if my weight had reduced. I noticed that my BMI, weight never showed any difference.

Even after 3 months no significant changes were noticed. I always a strict diet and didn’t have to change anything to give way for weight loss specifically.

I regularly exercise and keep my workout sessions daily according to my stamina. I went on taking the pill even though I never saw anything thinking that changes might begin slowly.

However, even with the completion of the 6th, 7th and 8th month, I did not see any changes at all. I was dismayed as none of the mentioned qualities of this supplement worked.

This is the sole reason I am writing this review so that I can make users aware of my experience. It is up to you to decide on using this weight loss supplement.

Benefits of Zantrex

There are certain benefits of using this supplement as accounted for by other users. Having said that, I did not get any of the merits mentioned below. I am listing them for your reference.

  • Energy Booster

There are many sources of caffeine in Zantrex. This mainly gives an energy boost on regular consumption. Few ingredients that help in this regard are coffee bean extract, green tea, guarana extract and kola nut. All of these are added in Zantrex. Put together, all give out 200 grams of caffeine and it a huge amount. This will in turn give you the needed energy to work better during your exercise schedule.

  • BMI

Zantrex has high sources of Botanicals. Many of them are in the form of flowers, seeds and plant leaves as per the composition given. These help in bringing down body sculpting, maintains body types and further focuses on losing weight in a healthy way.

    • Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis works on the principle of increasing body temperature by which body actively loses more calories and thus weight. The major motive behind developing Zantrex was to help individuals consuming this supplement to help lose weight when they are working out as well as resting. This is because, your body begins to lose weight and does not store any further fat.

  • Workout Optimization

Methylxanthines are present in Zantrex and this makes sure your body’s alertness, mood and energy are all improved. If you want to push yourself harder during workouts, it is best to consume Zantrex according to dosage daily. Hence, you will lose calories faster and end up reducing your body weight.

Zantrex Alternatives

I will not recommend Zantrex to anyone as I never lost even 1 gram weight and I consumed it for 6 months straight.

There are other best diet pills available for sale in the market and I have tried them over the years to notice many effective changes in terms of weight loss.

I decide to use a diet pill only when I am in need to reduce weight or when my shredding cycle starts.

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